Ten Benefits College Students Get By Creating A Budget

Below are ten important benefits college students and other young adults will gain if they create a personal monthly budget worksheet. By the way, if you need assistance creating a monthly budget, we have created an easy to follow budget template as part of our Money Skills DVD.

A Budget…..

1. … creates a useful historical record of your spending habits from which you can identify favorable and unfavorable trends.

2. … can help confirm whether or not you will be able to pay your bills on time or be forced to miss a payment.

3. … can be a useful tool for maintaining a solid credit rating (see bill paying above).

4. … can clearly illustrate your inflows and outflows of funds.

5. … provides a useful tool to help control day-to-day expenses.

6. … helps you save for big ticket items.

7. … will help you develop spending discipline and avoid wasteful spending.

8. … helps you establish a cushion for unexpected or emergency expenses.

9. … helps you prioritize what you’re choosing to spend your money on and can highlight expenses that you should attempt to reduce.

10. … helps identify if you need to adjust your income level (i.e. work more hours) to adequately cover your expenses.

As mentioned above, if you need assistance creating a personal budget, or just need someone to clearly explain basic money skills, please consider getting our Money Skills DVD. It is specifically designed for college students and other young adults.

Can’t Get Hired? A Bad Credit History Could be to Blame

More prospective employers are doing credit checks on job applicants. Many employers believe if someone can’t manage their bills, they probably won’t be well organized on the job either.
You may feel that this is an unfair practice, however that fact remains that many employers will pass you over if you have a poor credit history.

Its tough enough to get hired in this difficult job market. It’s hard to stay on top of your bills if you’re between jobs, but try your best to stay current to keep your credit clean.

Money Management Skills DVD released

MoneyManagement101.org has released its Money Management Skills DVD. This 1 hour DVD is designed to quickly teach college age young adults essential money skills.

Samples of Topics Covered in the DVD:
How to avoid credit card problems
Peer pressure and avoiding excessive spending
Common money traps that young adults fall into
Living within your means and budgeting
How not to get buried in debt
Managing your bills and personal cash flow
How to stay focused and financially on track at college
How to Protect yourself from ID theft, fraud and rip-offs
Plus many tips to avoid problems

The DVD is available at MoneyManagement101.com