We started MoneyManagement101.org to help American young people understand basic money skills.

We saw so many of our friends who had young adult kids that were constantly making money related mistakes.  This resulted in expensive headaches for both the kids, and their parents.  Typical mistakes included constantly overdrawing their bank accounts, misusing credit cards, making late payments, entering into bad purchase agreements/contracts, and ruining their credit.

In our opinion, the basic problem is that young people have never been taught money management basics and the day-to-day money skills that all adults need to know. High schools rarely spend time teaching students about money skills. Plus many parents are uncomfortable or unequipped to teach their kids about money management.

Our goal is to teach you the skills you’ll need to make more informed decisions to help build a stable financial future. This site will include tips and information to help you improve your knowledge level. Also, we have put together a DVD which covers money skills for college age young adults, and also self-study course in an ebook format, which quickly and clearly explains money management and basic day-to-day money skills.  We created the materials with the guidance of bankers, accountants, and teachers, along with the input of young people.

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