Course Details

Course Details, Course Format, and Frequently Asked Questions:

There are two parts to the Crash Course

Part 1 – A 45 minute video program featuring young adults talking about their experiences in dealing with money matters, mistakes made, and lessons learned. Plus the video provides useful tips.

Part 2 – A self guided ebook which is broken up into short, easy lessons which walk through all the essential money skills young people need to know. Think of it as a clear, step-by-step instruction manual for basic money skills.

Examples of Topics Covered in the Video:

  • Most common money traps young people fall into
  • How not to have credit card problems
  • How to create a budget and live within your means
  • How to use credit cards responsibly
  • Managing and staying on top of your bills
  • Avoiding overdrafts & cash flow problems
How to keep a good credit score
  • Not getting buried in debt
  • How not to get burned by rip-offs, bad contracts, or fraud
  • Why so many young people get into money trouble
  • And Many More

Example of topics covered in the Ebook:

  • How to create a budget and live within your means
  • Managing and staying on top of your bills
  • How to keep a good credit score
  • How to use credit cards responsibly
  • Handling your bank accounts properly
  • Protecting yourself from identity theft and fraud.
  • Clearly explained finance terms every adult needs to understand
  • And Much More

Most young people complete everything in under 4 hours. No, we won’t make your son or daughter a financial wizard, but in just a few hours time, they’ll be way ahead of their peers.

Parents, give them something that will benefit them through their entire lifetime, and give yourself some peace of mind, order the Money Management Basics Crash Course.

Course Format

Video Portion Format

  • Easily viewable on any computer
  • 45 minutes long, plus 11 minutes of bonus content
  • Features young adults and college students common mistakes and lessons learned
  • Quick tips for young adults

EBook Lessons Course Format

  • Written Lessons contained in a 51 page E-Book.
  • Self-Study
  • Take at own pace, anytime, anywhere
  • 3 – 4 hours to fully complete
  • Take all at once, or in separate sections
  • Stays on computer for access anytime
  • You receive the course within minutes of your order.
  • You can easily email the entire course to your loved one to view on their own computer

Frequently Asked Questions about the Course:

  1. How much does the course cost? The entire course costs only $27. 
  2. How do I get the course? Simply click the Order button.  You may pay by credit card, via our safe and secure order page.  Upon paying you will be directed to a webpage which contains the entire course. 
  3. How do I get it to my son/daughter/loved-one? The student can take the course on your computer.  Or, the entire course can easily be emailed to the student.
  4. Who would benefit most from this course? New high school grads, college students, young adults living at home or on their own or in the military, older adults who never learned money management basics.
  5. Do young people take the time to learn this course? Much to the surprise of many parents, even apathetic kids are willing to spend the few hours to go through it. We have found most kids want to learn this since it will give them greater independence.
  6. How long does it take to complete? Most young people are able to finish the entire course in under 5 hours.
  7. Does the course have to be completed all at once? No, the course is divided into sections, which may be taken whenever the student wishes.
  8. Who created the course? This course was created with the assistance of a CPA, a banker, and a teacher, with input from parents and young people.
  9. Is the course easy to follow? Yes, topics in both the ebook and video are broken up into separate sections.  
  10. Will my kid become a financial genius after taking this course? Well, let’s be realistic, we won’t make your son or daughter a financial wizard, but in just a few hours time, they’ll be way ahead of their peers.   
  11. What if the person I bought this for does not go through the course? Your satisfaction is our utmost priority. We want you to be 100% satisfied with our product. If the Course is not satisfactory, just email us your receipt number within 30 days of purchase and we will issue you a refund.
  12. What if I, or my son or daughter do not find that the course is useful? We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. See answer to #10 above.

This material is provided with the understanding that neither the publisher nor the distributor is lending legal, accounting, or other professional service or advice. The reader should seek personalized advice from qualified  professionals regarding all personal financial issues.