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Your Kid’s Lack of Money Skills could ruin their future (and yours).

-Help is on the Way 

In about one hour, our DVD will show your son or daughter how to smartly handle their money matters and stay on track. 

The nightmare that may happen to your kid:
Like most great parents, I bet you made sure your child got a quality, well-rounded K-12 education.
Why did you do this? you deeply love your kid and want to make sure they have a happy, satisfying, and secure future as they move ahead with their lives.

Tragically, far too many great kids like yours end up having to drop out of college and move back home, with maxed out credit cards, piles of debt, and bill collectors on their back- usually because they made unwise decisions due to a weak understanding of basic money skills.

When this happens, the sad reality is bright kids like yours with promising futures often get badly sidetracked and end up struggling along for years.

The things you fear the most, probably are not what’s going to harm your kid, its this….
Your daughter or son will be making lots decisions involving money related matters – without your knowledge or involvement. They will be signing agreements, making large expenditures, selecting lifestyle choices, and other major commitments. Your kid will deal with a lot of unscrupulous salespeople, institutions, and companies, who will gladly take advantage of any financially naive person.

Let’s face it, if unprepared, your kid will likely make some horrible decisions that may have awful implications on their future (and yours). You need to make sure they have the basic skills and understanding to make wise choices.

How this DVD will help your kid stay out of trouble…
In just one hour, this DVD will teach your kid the 7 essential money skills that all adults need to understand, including tips on how to avoid being taken advantage of.
Samples of Topics Covered in the DVD:
• Avoiding credit card problems
• Peer pressure and excessive spending
• Most common money traps young people fall into
• Living within your means
• Not getting buried in debt
• Managing your bills and cash flow
• Staying focused and financially on track at college
• Protecting yourself from ID theft, fraud and rip-offs
• Plus lots of tips to avoid problems

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– If your kid is bit too apathetic about money matters or ‘carefree’ about spending – this DVD will fix that:

Instead of boring them with long lectures or mind-numbing reading materials, your son or daughter will hear stories from other young people who have recently gone thru their own money challenges. Next, they are walked through some simple money management steps and essential tips, so they have the tools they need to stay on track. Your kid will see scary examples of how their lifestyle will be hurt by unwise or careless choices that so many young people make. This is a great ‘wake-up call’ for your kid if they need a dose of reality of the real world.

-If your kid is already making lifestyle or money related miss-steps, how this video will help get them on track:

Unfortunately many people learn to handle their money affairs by trial and error- No wonder so many get themselves into financial messes. 
By just watching the video, your son or daughter will immediately become better informed and savvy than they were before. They will see the real world consequences of careless or unwise decisions, and they will also get tips on the smart way to handle everyday money related choices. 

My name is Rob McKevin, I have spent over 20 years in the finance and accounting field. I have heard so many stories of how people’s futures were practically ruined simply due to uninformed money related choices. I’ve seen too many parents horribly impacted because of the never ending financial messes their kids fall into.

I am always glad to assist when I can. I’ve had the chance to work with many young people had great success getting them on the right path. I created this DVD to try to help more young people (and their parents).

I am definitely not a salesman type of guy trying to hype this DVD- I am a just a soft spoken accountant who enjoys teaching. I just want to say that creating this video was really important to me, and I am really pleased at how it came out. I can assure you that this will help your son or daughter learn essential money skills and help keep them on track.

– If your kid is a little too reliant on Mom/Dad to handle things for them; this will help:
Hey mom, we know what its like – one drama after another; your kid repeatedly looking to you to fix things- and to give them more money ; ) You have plenty of your own issues to keep you busy. You shouldn’t have to still be dealing with this stuff. This content will boost your young adults confidence and show them how to handle things for themselves.

Bonus # 1 -Money Management For Young Adults How-To-Guide ebook
In addition to the DVD, you will also receive this ebook. which walks your kid through all the ‘nuts-and-bolts’ of money tasks in a clear, simple manner. Think of it as a step-by-step instruction manual – (something we all wish we had when we were starting out!)

Samples of specific items clearly explained in the EBook:

    •       How to create your own budget and live within your means
    •       How to use your credit cards smartly and responsibly
    •       Paying and staying on top of your bills
    •       How to balance your checkbook, manage your accounts and avoid overdrafts
    •       How to establish and keep a good credit rating
    •       Preparing yourself for living on your own
    •       Income taxes & withholdings- all the basics
    •       And Much More 

      Bonus #2

    -Clear & Simple Guide to 31 Financial Terms (That Every Adult Better Understand)
    As a second bonus, you will receive a very important cheat-sheet, which quickly and clearly explains the 31 financial terms that your kid really needs to understand. These are terms your daughter or son will encounter in leases, loan applications, cell phone contracts, gym memberships, banking matters, etc. Your kid better grasp what they are agreeing to when they sign a commitment, this will give them a basic understanding of what these common terms mean.

    OK, you know you need to make sure your kid has the skills and understanding to make wise choices. In about one hour, our DVD will show your son or daughter how to smartly handle their money matters and stay on track.

    You know you better not put this off – solve this problem by ordering the DVD now:


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    Our Guarantee – We can assure you that your kid will be much more knowledgeable after watching this DVD.
    If you or your kid don’t think they have a better grasp of money skills, return it, and we will refund the price of the DVD. You can even keep the bonuses.

    PS — OK, you know you need to get your kid this DVD. For less than the price of one bank overdraft fee you can give yourself some peace of mind, and get them the skills they desperately need to stay out of serious trouble.

    PPS Mom & Dad, we know you’re busy – so how much is your time worth? If your kid isn’t properly trained and handling his or her money matter properly , think of all the extra hours you will be spending walking him thru things, calling the bank to dispute her OD’s, trying to fix her identity theft crisis, or fighting with the credit card company over his missed payments or late fees.