For Parents

 As parents, we all want to make sure our sons and daughters are protected, and have happy and prosperous lives. Most parents do a great job making sure their kids get a solid, well rounded education.   Unfortunately, one of the most valuable lessons that young people need, is never given.  Schools rarely spend time teaching students about money skills. Plus most parents are uncomfortable or unequipped to teach their kids about money management. A lack of understanding of basic money skills and not living within your means is a dangerous situation. Money mistakes can take many years to correct.   These mistakes often impact both the young person AND their parents. At a bare minimum, we STRONGLY RECOMMEND that parents teach their young adult children:

  • Identity Theft and fraud prevention basics
  • How to balance a checking account & avoid overdrafts
  • How to create a budget & live within your means
  • Bill paying and cash flow management
  • How to establish and maintain a good credit rating
  • How to properly review a contract or agreement before signing
  • Key financial terminology (ie fixed vs floating, NSF, etc)
  • How to use credit cards responsibly
  • Income tax & withholding basics

We realize the many parents don’t feel comfortable teaching these topics themselves. To address this problem, we have designed a basic course, which quickly and clearly explains the basics of personal money management. It covers all over the above topics and many more. Most young people complete everything in under 4 hours. No, we won’t make your son or daughter a financial wizard, but in just a few hours time, they’ll be way ahead of their peers. Parents, give them something that will benefit them through their entire lifetime, and give yourself some peace of mind, order the Money Management Basics Crash Course.

(entire course costs only $20)